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Awards & Recognition

Advertising and film


Boston Ad Concil Winner (Explorer)

London International Advertising Awards Finalist (Explorer)

New York Advertising Awards Finalist (Explorer)

Shoot Magizines top four new directors to watch

Shoot Magizines best spots you may never see (Volkswagan)

Best Commercials International TV Show (Evian)

Winner Jury award Estas Park Film Festival (Chained Short Film) 

Shawn Driscoll has always been interested in making movies.  He was raised in the small rural town of Winchester VA.  With the backdrop of the Blue ridge Mountains Shawn would take his 8mm camera and make action adventure films with the kids in the neighborhood. Shawn went on to attend College at Virginia Commonwealth University where he majored in Film with a minor in Psychology. After attending College Shawn worked on the Tom Hanks production From the Earth to the Moon. This inspired his move to Los Angeles CA.
Moving to Los Angeles had its own set of challenges, small town kid in a big city could be a little over whelming not just with dating but also not having much money to shoot his own films.  Shawn decided to write and direct even shorter subject material, commercials.  After having a couple specs under his belt Shawn armed with a VHS tape, that’s right VHS, he dropped off his spots next door to a production company while doing some banking. 
A day later that company the prestigious Bi-coastal COPPOS films wanted to meet with Shawn where they signed him as a director on their roster.  Shawn went on to direct spots for Evian, Nike and Volkswagen and has received several write ups about his spots in Creativity and Shoot magazines including the top new directors’ issue.Commercials tend to be very stylized and that has helped him in crafting his style of humor suspense and action.  Shawn now is moving forward, focusing more on feature-based projects but never forgetting his roots along the way.